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Medical Visa

Medical Visa

The Medical Visa is designed exclusively for Afghan nationals seeking medical care in Pakistan. Whether it’s for consultations, surgeries, or specialized treatments, we are here to assist you.

Dedicated Team

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with years of experience in the field of visa consultancy. They bring a wealth of knowledge and a keen understanding of the ever-evolving visa regulations, ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date and accurate advice

Great Support

We share your passion for exploration and believe that every journey should begin with a smooth and stress-free visa application process. Our team is driven by a genuine enthusiasm for travel, and we are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of visa requirements with ease.

Government Certified

Being government certified means that our operations, processes, and services meet or exceed the standards set by the authorities. Clients can place their trust in Amu Consultancy knowing that we have undergone Diligent Inspection to obtain government certification.

Visa Benefits

Embark on your path to recovery with confidence. The Medical Visa to Pakistan for Afghan Nationals is your bridge to quality healthcare. Contact us today to initiate your visa application and embark on your medical journey.

  • You can apply Visa without any hesitation.
  • Provide Visa Services by Experience Agents

Normal Visa

Processing Time : 30 Days

It takes 30 Days for Visa Process if you apply for Normal Visa.

Validity :  3 Months

The Visa validity is for 3 months.

Urgent Visa

Processing Time : 24 to 72  Hours

It takes 24 to 72 hours for Visa Process if you apply for Normal Visa.

Validity :  3 Months

The Visa validity is for 3 months.

Extension Time

A 30-day extension for a single-entry visa, who initially entered the country on a single-entry visa.

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